Learn to make your own pottery — from a lump of clay to a finished vessel, including centering, shaping, trimming, decorating, and glazing! All adults are welcome — from complete novice thru more experienced. Small class sizes allow teachers to give lots of individual attention.

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Spring Classes

Spring Classes begin TBD. Registration starts Feb 25, 2020.

Wheel classes are limited to ten adults; Handbuilding class is limited to six adults. All classes are open to all levels. Check listings below for times, dates and durations; register by day and time.

Scroll down for registration information and for a link to additional information about EarthworksNYC's fees, policies and Benchtime hours.

Wheel Classes

thowing a pot on a wheel Throw pots on the electric potter’s wheel! Learn the skills needed to center, form shapes, trim and finish pots using the wheel. Decorating and glazing techniques will also be demonstrated.

Limited to ten adults; all classes are all levels.

  • Wheel Classes are 10-Week 2-Hour; $385
  • Tuesday (starts new date: TBD)
  •  1 - 3 pm
  •  6 - 8 pm
  •  8:15 - 10:15 pm
  • Wednesday (starts new date: TBD)
  •  1:15 - 3:15 pm
  •  6 - 8 pm
  •  8:15 - 10:15 pm
  • Thursday (starts new date: TBD)
  •  11 am - 1 pm
  •  6 - 8 pm
  • SATURDAY (starts new date: TBD)
  •  10 am - 12 pm

Handbuilding Class

handbuilding pottery Build pots by hand thru pinching, coiling, and slab construction. Decorating and glazing techniques will also be demonstrated. There is no wheel instruction.

Limited to six adults; all levels.

  • Saturday
    8-Week 2.5-Hour Class: $385
    (starts new date: TBD)
  •  3 - 5:30 pm

REGISTER by day and time; All classes are open to all levels, classes are not interchangeable. Toolkits available for purchase; bring your own towel and apron. Firing Fees: 5 cents/cubic inch. Towel rental: $1/visit.

Click here for information on fees and policies.


Benchtime is practice time in the studio for registered students only. It's very informal; just come in, sign in and get to work. No need to call ahead. If you miss a class, you get 3 free hours of benchtime as make-up. Make-up time must be used during current semester.
Benchtime fee: $6/hr.
10-hour pre-paid benchtime card: $50 — SAVE $10!

Click here for the Benchtime Schedule