We are a busy little teaching studio well supplied with quality clay, glazes and equipment. Studio glazes are mixed from scratch, clay is recycled and processed by hand. All space is shared space, and organized by class. Students and teachers take part in keeping the studio clean and well-ordered, critical to keeping our small space a happy space.

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Equipment —

EarthworksNYC studio equipment At EarthworksNYC there are plenty of rolling pins, ware boards, bats and bat pins, boxes of stamps and other texturing goods. While students are encouraged to create their own "molds" for specific projects, we do have a small collection of both slump and hump molds. Two air conditioners and lots of fans keep the studio and students cool and comfortable all during the hotter months.


EarthworksNYC potter's wheelTen electric wheels: 3 shimpo and 7 brent (various models)




EarthworksNYC kilnTwo electric kilns: Skutt KS-1027 and Skutt KM-1027

Materials —


EarthworksNYC clay recyclingFall through Spring semesters, EarthworksNYC is a stoneware studio. We use Laguna #90 stoneware, firing a warm red-brown color in oxidation at cone 6. There is a limited supply of white stoneware #55 available as well.

During the summer semester we take a vaCLAYtion switching over to terracotta. The lower firing temperatures of terracotta not only give us a vibrant color palette not easily achievable at stoneware temperatures, but also keeps the studio cooler and more comfortable during those hot summer months.

Slips and Glazes

EarthworksNYC glazes EarthworksNYC offers a palette of 9 or so colored slips for decorating. All studio glazes are mixed in house, and include more than a dozen glazes that can be used individually or layered for even more options. Apply the glazes over colored slips for an even wider variety!

Facilities —

EarthworksNYC is a storefront teaching studio on two floors, with a small retail gallery located in the front offering items for sale and inspiration.

EarthworksNYC floor plan

The street level contains our wheel throwing studio, complete with wedging tables, work tables, clean-up sinks, and clay recycling stations. Class shelves for storing wet work (in progress) line the studio walls.

EarthworksNYC bisqued potteryThe downstairs studio is used primarily for handbuilding and glazing. Our kilns and glazes are located downstairs, as well as the bathroom and coatroom. Lining the walls are storage shelves for each class' bisque-fired work, as well as staging shelves for greenware and work awaiting glaze firing.
CAUTION: stairs are steep!